Air Purifier & Ionizer - Car or Van

This device is supplied complete with a lead and plug that fits your cigarette lighter; which is a much better use for that power supply....

The unit contains 3M Filtrete Air Filter, Activated Carbon Filter, Carbon Filter Ionizer, and Lemon Gel Fragrance Box.  (We do not recommend using the Gel Fragrance if you have an Allergy to 'Chemicals') Perfect in the cabin where one drives on roads full of exhaust fumes, and minute particles of carbon dust from tyres.

If you have a family member with respiratory problems, this unit with it’s ultra-micron filter will remove road pollution/pollen/dust/bacteria and generate beneficial negative ions to combat the harmful positive ions caused by Static Electricity and a Polluted Environment.


Air Purifier & Ionizer - Car or Van


Air Purifiers & Ionizers can be an invaluable addition to other strategies in managing your allergies  by helping you can keep the inside cabin air as allergen-free as possible.


As our population ages, the chance of respiratory difficulties increases, so too the iimportance for better air.


The American Medical Association has concluded, "air pollution can affect not only the lungs, but virtually every organ and system of the body." For those with allergies, this is particularly true. 

Similar Australian Government Studies on vehical emissions show urgent concerns.


When you are in the midst of a 'flare-up' it's not just your nose and your eyes which may bother you, but also energy levels and reduced immunity.

Sadie's Air Purifier & Ionizer may also be used in the Home or Office when connected to a power converter/ supply.


Fantastic 4 Functions in One.

  • 3M Filtrete* Air Filter captures and retains pollen dust & dirt.
    The American Lung Association Recommends 3M Filtrete air filters.)
  • Activated Carbon Filter absorbs cigarette smoke, harmful exhaust gases and other offensive odours.
  • A Carbon Fiber Ionizer generates trillions of negative ions to help reduce the airborne bacteria. ( Negative Ions may help relieve symptoms of car sickness, headaches, asthma, sneeze and allegy.  Negative Ions help relieve tension and promote better concentration.)
  • Fragrance Box contains Lemon Aroma Beads to emit a fragrance to enrich the purified and ionized air.

    IONCARE and 3M Filtrete are registered trade marks

Manufactured 'Exclusively' for Sadie's Australia.

Replacement Filters


The replacement Kit consists of:

 (1) pack of 4 Filtrete_white filters

 (1) pack of 2 Activated Carbon _ black filters