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"Don't walk down that SuperMarket Aisle, the 'Chemical Smell' may harm your health.!!"

Avoid the hazards of cheap chemical brands & 'TV unrealistice adverts' and products that may not work..... We suggest that you buy Sadie's Starter Kit of TEN products.... and try each 'Tester Size' before ordering Environmentally Sustainable Bulk (at reduced price) from Sadie's 'EcoSave' Selection.('click' here) 

Buy your 'STARTER KIT' of (10) products at Sadie's Factory-Direct Shop for $46.00 Plus road freight

 Sadie‚Äôs Starter Kit includes:

            1)  'Dynamic' Double Strength Liquid Laundry Wash... 500ml

2)  'Cue' Sanitizing & Surface Cleaner... 500ml

3)  'Zink' Dish Wash Liquid... 500ml

4)  'HydroX' Auto-Dish Wash Liquid... 500ml

5)  'Multi-Purpose' Kitchen/ Food Prep. Cleaner... 500ml

6)  'Star Performer' Oven Cleaner & Degreaser... 250ml

7)  'Sparkle' Window Clean Solution... 250ml

8)  'Scrubs' Anti-Bacterial Liquid Hand Wash... 250ml

9)  'Vanish' Carpet & Fabric Spot Remover... 250ml

10) 'MicroFibre Cloth (1) 400x400 Red for Toilet & Bathroom 'Zone Cleaning'


Sadie's 'Healthy-Home' Cleaning Solutions, "you will be pleased with the results".. 

All products are enviro-sustainable and biodegradable to Australian Standards. (see website 'Retail Section' for more detail description or contact Sadie's Info-Line 61 3 9551 7864 during business hours)


Sadie's STARTER KIT - 10 Products