Business Opportunities - Sadie's & Gold Rose Associates

Sadie's & Gold Rose Aromatherapy reputation for Quality & Service is ever expanding within Australia and Overseas.

Our immediate objective is to increase market share with Sadie's 'Safe Healthy Home Cleaning Products' and 'Commercial Range of Concentrates'.... PLUS .... Gold Rose Aromatherapy for 'Anti-Ageing Face & Body Care Products' - 'New Mother & Baby Care Products' - 'Hiz Mens Body Care Products' .... all require 'Special Skills in Marketing & Sales"

We invite interested experienced persons to study the current products available in both Sadie's & Gold Rose and submit a brief summary of your experience and impression or thoughts via email to 

We currently conduct all sales / marketing / production & distridution from 22 Garden Boulevard, Redwood Gardens Estate, Dingley, Victoria, Australia and the establishment of 'Sustained Associates' - Regional Sales/Marketing Persons is our preferred Expansion Model.

Your experienced views & input will be appreciated. 

Take Care, 

Rose Randell