Our Privacy Policy

At Sadie's, we respect the privacy of our customers; we do not share or deliver any customer details to any other organisation or company.  

All banking details are secure via 'globecharge' and MasterCard & Visa payments are securely processed via PayPal or via Phone to Sadie's Office (03 9551 7864) and confirmed & authorised via Sadie's Westpac Merchant Bank .   

Should you have any concerns please email us at sadies-sales@sadies.com.au

The Privacy Statements above are common and apply to all products marketed or sold or guaranteed by www.sadies.com.au OR Sadie's Solutions Company and include Sadie's 'Healthy-Home' Cleaning Solutions, Sadie's 'MAGIC Window Cleaner, and Sadie's ION-CARE Air Purifier & Ionizer